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Elanbach Fabrics

Elanbach designs are versatile and can be printed onto a variety of fabrics and each order is specifically made to order.

Something 30s

elanbach something 30s fabric - upholstery close-up image

Geometric patterns, colour and striking glamour of the jazz age.

Grand Tour

elanbach grand tour fabric -image

Inspired by travels to relish classic architecture and art of the Renaissance


Elanbach started life in Wales producing a select range of fabrics that were printed to order. The company was founded by Sir Bernard Ashley (husband of Laura Ashley) in 2000.

In 2013 the brand was acquired and relaunched by Dominic Morgan the founder of Jim Dickens. Elanbach has now relocated to Lichfield, where its design, development and distribution is managed alongside Jim Dickens.

Elanbach designers have been inspired by the sights and experiences of travel and cultural exploration. Their earlier designs have been retained and a new generation of more contemporary styles have been introduced to broaden the range and appeal.

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we are pleased to be able to continue to supply the special designs from Elanbach.  If you are interested in Elanbach please do come and visit us at our Dunnington shop or contact us for samples and a quote.