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Harlequin 2016

Harlequin: Standing Ovation, Callista, Fauvisimo

Harlequin Standing Ovation

Harlequin Standing Ovation wallpaper

Standing Ovation is a fashion inspired, couture collection of feature wallpapers from design house Harlequin. The collection comprises nine confident wallpaper designs in an array of over forty beautiful options, all oozing with vivacity and sophistication. Drawing on both existing best-selling fabrics and original artwork, the wallpaper collection represents a mix of subtle silhouettes with an extravaganza on full-on colour and pattern, which majestically combines with the Fauvisimo fabric collection.

The mouth-watering palette of colours, judiciously enhanced by hints of metallic, comes in a glorious array of shades.

Harlequin Callista Fabrics

Harlequin Callista fabric and wallpaper

Harlequin’s initial collaboration with Clarissa Hulse, Kallianthi, was a runway success so they were thrilled to team up with her again to produce another mouth-watering range of fabrics and wallpapers. Clarissa drew her inspiration for the exquisite fabric collection Callista from a variety of influences, including her enduring passion for plants, flowers and landscapes. The striking fabrics, all of which have that signature Clarissa style include silk and cotton mix jacquard weaves, silk dupion prints and a beautiful voile that has been dip-dyed then embroidered and hand embellished.

Harlequin Fauvisimo

Harlequin Fauvisimo fabrics

Fauvisimo is a stunning collection of fabrics, comprising dramatic and painterly designs, inspired by the vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes of the early 20th Century’s Fauvist art movement.

Its prints, which feature British birds, flowers and landscapes, are stunning in their spontaneous, liberated interpretation of the beauty and intensity of colour found in nature. The layering of rich, contrasting tones develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth. The powerful colour palette ranges from cobalt blues and deep magentas to moody greys, sultry black and on-trend mustards, and includes softer highlights of muted greens, blush pinks and honey shades. Including embroideries, jacquards, weaves and prints, Fauvisimo’s refreshing fabrics, with their strong emphasis on colour, will add ebullience and character to any interior scheme.


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