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Little Greene Wallpaper

Little Greene Historic Wallpapers

Little Greene has launched a selection of wallpapers that draw upon popular historic wallpaper designs.

London Wallpapers

Little Greene London wallpaper-Maddox Street; roomset image

The London Wallpapers collection has been inspired by eight historic wallpapers from the English Heritage archive.

Dating from 1760 to 1890, these traditional wallpapers were originally manufactured in London to decorate smart city and country homes and each design has a provenance tracing it back to the original house in which it was discovered. Stunning flocks, sophisticated prints and use of vivid colours and metallic finishes bring the archive to life for the 21st Century.

Oriental Wallpaper

Little Greene oriental wallpaper Trellis Bamboo - image

Heavily influenced by traditional Japanese kimono design, this collection features dramatic blooms, delicate blossoms, bamboo and stylised landscapes of pines and water. These botanical and geometric motifs are complemented by a whimsical fan design, which pays homage to the collection’s origins. Coloured in the key shades of Little Greene these papers are a true fusion of east and west. Associated paint colours from our Colours of England palette help you create the perfect look. This collection comprises 7 designs and 32 colourways.

1950s Wallpaper

Little Greene-50s wallpaper - quilt; image

This collection of papers is another chapter in Little Greene’s ongoing restoration of the best, yet often forgotten, wallpaper designs of the past. These eight patterns are drawn from original 1950s designs found in the extensive wallpaper archive at Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery, and the collection is named in honour of the wallpaper manufacturer who commissioned the original designers, John Line & Sons.

Retrospective Papers

This collection comprises eight authentic patterns from the 1960s and 1970s and is the result of research into a variety of historical sources, including the extensive archive at Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery. The ‘Retrospective Papers’ tells several simultaneous stories about interior design in the late twentieth century, combining hallmark ‘retro’ designs that embody the fashion for geometric patterns, two-colour silk-screen prints that echo the graphic quality of the pop-art movement, and more classic designs that drew inspiration from earlier periods, arguably nostalgic in their own time.

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we are pleased to supply the beautiful wallpaper designs from Little Greene. If you are interested in Little Greene please do come and visit us at our Dunnington shop or contact us for samples or a Quick Quote.