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Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey Fabrics and Wallcoverings

Pierre Frey is a French luxury goods house which is still 100% family-owned: this is first and foremost the story of a family. The story of an inherited passion, handed on with both fidelity and inventiveness across three generations.

Shibao Collection

Pierre Frey Shibao collection - roomset photo

The colour Blue , present on all continents, is the common thread of this collection, which comprises of jacquards, embroideries, prints, wide-width sheers and plains. The colour range is voluntarily limited to the different shades of Indigo, which offers a variety of captivating chromatic vibrations.

Himalaya Collection

Pierre Frey Himalaya collection - roomset photo

The Himalaya collection is a continuation of the Atmosphere collection of 2012. Using natural fibres such as silk and cotton to achieve both refined and rustic effects, the combinations dare all mixes. Embroideries, velvets, jacquards, plains and stripes are declined in mineral tones such as black, brown, ochre, beige and white; and are a reference to “the roof of the world”, as the Himalaya mountain range is often referred to.

The Whole Collection

Behind the latest collections, there lies a vast compendium of designs. Traditionally published in the full colour glossy Pierre Frey catalogue, you can now explore the full range of Pierre Frey creativity on their new Pierre Frey I-pad app available from the iTunes store.

You will find in this application all Pierre Frey, Braquenié, Fadini Borghi & Boussac products and a picture gallery with many inspirational project albums.

The Family Firm

Pierre Frey was born into a bourgeois family in Northern France in 1903 and grew up in an elegant world among music-lovers and antique dealers. In 1935 that he set up his own business, creating Pierre Frey. War followed soon after, bringing difficult times with it until finally, in 1945, the business started to take off.

Fortunately Pierre Frey’s only son, Patrick, shared his father’s passion for fabrics and continued the business. Combining respect for the past with a vision for the future, Patrick Frey, his wife Lorraine and his three sons, Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu, share their love of outstanding workmanship, their passion for detail, their enthusiasm for creativity.

Every day this great family works to make Pierre Frey what it always has been and always will be: a “maison de luxe”.

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we are pleased to stock the beautiful fabrics, and wallpapers by Pierre Frey. We are just one of a handful of outlets beyond the confines of London.  If you are interested in Pierre Frey’s unique style please do come and visit us at our Dunnington shop or contact us for samples and quotes.