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Sanderson 2011

Sanderson 50s Fabric and Wallpaper Collection

Following the success of retro design Dandelion Clocks and the enthusiastic response to Sanderson’s 50s designs displayed at the exhibition ‘Very Sanderson: 150 Years of English Decoration’ at the Fashion & Textile Museum, London in 2010, this spring seems the ideal time to showcase designs from this innovative decade.

The result is a bold and iconic collection of prints, wallpapers, embroideries, weaves and velvets that celebrate a decade of design which transformed the boundaries of interior decoration. The Festival of Britain in 1951 took place after a tough post war era, which saw designers starved of commissions and the ration-weary public bored with wartime dreariness and a lack of variety. The optimistic spirit driven by the Festival led the way for new inventiveness, creating a need for a fresh contemporary look. Sixty years on this style is still modern and vibrant.

The Sanderson 50s collection combines original 1950s designs from the Sanderson archive with patterns from contemporary artists who have taken inspiration from this era.  (click on images to enlarge)

Mobiles Prints

Sanderson 50s collection fabric and wallpaper lounge image

Mobiles was originally designed in 1950 by Marian Mahler and printed on rayon, which at the time was a newly developed fabric and an affordable choice for a younger, sophisticated clientele. Recreated as the original design with its minimalist clean lines and simple abstract shapes, it has been discharge printed on cotton in five vivid colourways and has a matching wallpaper.

Festival Prints

Sanderson 50s Collection Mobiles Festival fabric upholostered furniture image

Festival is a reproduction of a design by Jaqueline Groag specially created for the Festival of Britain in 1951. The design is typical of the era with bold abstract shapes and blocks of colour. It is printed in five colourways on a heavy 100% cotton.

Hayward Prints

Sanderson 50s collection Park Life Hayward lounge image

Hayward was designed in the Sanderson studio and is inspired by the incised textures and patterns used to decorate 1950s Poole pottery. These graphic patterns within elegant ceramic shapes have been printed on linen union in four rich colourways which reflect the intense glazes used on the pottery.  

If you like these collections from Sanderson please visit us at Fabric Gallery & Interiors to see the designs in our Dunnington Showroom. You can also request samples or use the Quick Quote service on our website.