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Voyage Decoration

Voyage Decoration Fabrics

Voyage Decoration was established in Scotland, in 1998, with one aim, to provide beautiful fabrics that would excite, inspire and surpass expectations. Whether using woven textiles, embroidery or printed fabric, Voyage always aims to use only the highest quality cloths.

voyage decoration couture 2 enchanted forest fabric - image

Voyage specialises in 3 major product areas, woven and printed textiles, embroidery and handwork and handmade children’s fabrics.

Recently Voyage has reorganised its collections into a number of key themes: Voyage Country, Voyage Couture, Voyage Studio Line, Voyage Boutique, Voyage Enfant and Voyage Maison. These are backed by Voyage Additions and Voyage Classic.

voyage studio line mazurka fabric - room image

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we are pleased to supply the beautiful designs from Voyage Decoration.  If you are interested in Voyage fabrics please do come and visit us at our Dunnington shop or contact us for samples and a quick quote.