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Zoffany 2016

Zoffany Fabrics & Wallpapers: Akaishi, Phaedra

Akaishi Wallcoverings

Inspired by Japanese design ethos and culture, the Akaishi Wallcoverings collection is a breathtaking interpretation of the natural world around us. An ethereal aesthetic emanates from the artwork which was created by spontaneous and painterly brush strokes. 

Akaishi wallcoverings by Zoffany from Fabric Gallery and Interiors

The collection comprises a mix of conventional wallpapers and paper backed fabrics. Textural patterns are woven as jacquards, paper-backed, and in some cases, digitally printed – a stunning synthesis of innovation and time honoured skills. This layering of substrates and techniques creates fabulously atmospheric wallcoverings which add a sophisticated zen-like ambiance to the interior spaces they adorn. 

Complementary fabrics and braids are available in the Edo Fabrics, Edo Braids and Birodo Velvets collections.

Phaedra Fabrics

Stepping onto the luxury interiors stage with poised perfection is the Zoffany Phaedra collection, a visual allegory of the Zoffany studio’s unceasing journey to create luxury for the home. 

Phaedra Fabric Collection by Zoffany from Fabric Gallery and Interiors

Phaedra fabrics reflect the edgy sophistication of the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of London, yet feature a fundamental classical influence lying deep within their soul.  The mastery of colour and the artistry behind the designs elevate them to a contemporary setting.  Each yarn, each process is meticulously considered, resulting in exquisitely unique fabrics that bring a refined sophistication to the world of interiors. 

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