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If you are unable to collect items from our Showroom or if they are too big for your car we will do our best to deliver to you.


We use a variety of professional couriers as well as the Royal Mail & Parcel Force. Normally anything we send of value will require a signature on delivery.

In recent years couriers have become increasingly concerned by no-one being home to receive parcels. So some couriers now will not deliver to residential addresses and others raise surcharges if they cannot deliver in 2 attempts.


Delivery within the UK is not always as simple as it may seem. Because of the distance & time involved most couriers charge more to cross water to Northern Ireland, Channel Isles etc. Also delivery to remote parts of Scotland can be a problem; several of our standard couriers will not take rolls of fabric as they are classed as “large”, so we have fewer delivery options.

You may be surprised that we can deliver to New York faster than the Hebrides!

The good news is that couriers like UPS and FedEx have a truly comprehensive global network. This is usually fast and reliable, unless over-zealous customs officials decide to intervene.

Outside the UK, we’ll always quote a delivery charge on a case-by-case basis.

Receiving your Goods

When you get your delivery it is your responsibility to check the goods before you sign. In the unlikely event that there is visible damage you must get the courier to log this or you must sign as damaged. If external damage is not visible but damage is noticed when you open the packing you must report this to us immediately and certainly within 3 working days. Please take photos of the packaging, the labels and the damage and e-mail them across to us along with a detailed description of what has happened.

If you do not inspect and report a problem immediately, it is impossible to know whether a problem arose in transit or after delivery. Sometimes fabric may not be used by a curtain maker or upholsterer for weeks after delivery. In this situation any claim for replacement/repair may be unsuccessful unless any problem is identified on delivery.

Export & Tax

We normally charge UK VAT (currently 20%) on all our prices where delivery is in the UK and the EU. (There are certain exceptions.) To other countries we do not charge VAT but it becomes your responsibility to pay local taxes and import duty if applicable. In certain circumstances we will charge VAT and then refund it to you once we have documentary “proof of export” to a location outside the EU.

Products & Packing

Wallpaper is usually shipped in cardboard boxes holding up to a dozen rolls. These can be up to 70cm long and weigh up to ~10kg. Some panel style wallpapers may come in  tubes up to 150cm long.

We ship fabric rolled on a cardboard tube to minimise creasing – this makes a parcel about 150cm long. Some sensitive fabrics are packed on a suspended tube inside a larger box. These can be unwieldy and are often 160cm long. Large rolls can be heavy, weighing in excess of 20kg.

Curtains and blinds are wrapped in plastic and then shipped in cardboard boxes.

Fabric treated with Fire Retardant usually is first sent to the treatment works before being shipped to you, so please note that this can add up to 10 days. Also note that treated fabric can be significantly heavier than the raw material.

Chairs are delivered wrapped in heavy duty plastic and protective wrapping applied to legs.

Paint tins are delivered in special cardboard boxes, but large orders will be delivered on a small pallet.

Speed of Delivery

Our standard deliveries are not timed services. In certain situations express services are available for additional charges.

The fastest way of getting items to you is ensure that your parcel is signed for on first delivery. Since deliveries are normally 9am-5pm Mon-Fri there is a real benefit having a delivery made to a registered business address where there will always be someone to sign. Often it will be cheaper to deliver to a business address.

With fabrics we try to minimise the handling involved in shipping and we prefer to arrange delivery to your curtain maker or upholsterer, if appropriate. If you want us to send it there please provide the delivery details, including a delivery phone number and (very important) some sort of job reference. Without a job reference the recipient may not realise that the fabric is intended for your beautiful new curtains or sofa!

We can take no responsibility for delay in the courier chain caused by (for example) bad weather, customs, Christmas overload etc.

To keep the cost of furniture delivery affordable our chairs normally take two steps to reach you; firstly from factory to a hub and then from a hub to you. Depending on your location and the timing of your delivery, this can take up to 10 working days.


I hope this doesn’t put you off having items delivered. We only work with professional couriers who will give you the sort of service we’d expect ourselves.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by phone or via our online form. We’ll do our best to help you.

Bronia and Steve (signature)