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Quick Quote Terms and Conditions

The information below relates to our Quick Quote service. These condition supplement and augment the Standard Terms and Condtitons and do not replace them. Please read these Terms and Conditions as they are important. Please note that to avoid any ambiguity our full printed Terms and Conditions, available on request, take precedence over anything  on this website and can only be varied by written agreement between you and us.

We are Art from the Start Ltd. Registered address: Landsvale, High Catton, York YO41 1EH UK. Company Registration #5576714; VAT Registration GB 870 6881 90.

Our Quick Quote Service

We provide quotes to supply fabric, wallpaper and paint and we aim to provide a fast and reliable service. To ensure speed and competitive pricing this is a no-frills service and does not include design advice. We rely entirely on the accuracy of information that you provide; it is your responsibility to make sure that it is complete and correct. In most cases, as you are fully specifying the goods uniquely supplied to your requirements you will be purchasing bespoke or customised goods from us.


As we are not providing advice we are not responsible for determining the suitability of any product for your intended use. As we have not taken any measurements we are not responsible for the quantity of material that you order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the product meets your requirements prior to ordering. You should do this using samples or stock cuttings and you should never rely on images on a computer screen.

If you you are using fabric for furniture or in a commercial situation it is your responsibility to decide on any required fire treatment. We can arrange for treatment where it is practical but we cannot accept any liability for any changes in the appearance, performance or quality of our fabrics which have been subjected to any kind of treatment or processing after purchase including flame-proofing and stain repellent treatment. Fabrics may shrink after treatments between 3-5%. Following treatment, up to 50cm will be taken for testing. Please therefore allow for these factors in your ordering. Please note that treated fabrics cannot be restocked under any circumstances.

It is your responsibility to follow all instructions supplied by manufacturers. Failure to do so may invalidate warranties. To get the best possible paint or wallpaper finish, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional decorator.

Cancellation & Returns

Once an order has been accepted, your order will be progressed as quickly as possible and once an order is in progress this contract can only be cancelled at our discretion. A cancellation or re-stocking fee will normally be levied.

You agree that when you order bespoke or customised goods you are not entitled to a 14 day cancellation period under regulation 28(1)(b) Consumer Contract Regulations 2014. Bespoke items include inter alia cut lengths of fabric, paint mixed to order (all paints which we supply), batch-specific wallpaper and treated or adapted items.

We cannot accept partial returns of bespoke goods, for example if you over-order paint, wallpaper or fabric, because of the unique variations that exist between production batches; returns are not in a form that can be resold at full price.


We use our best endeavours to supply our products or services to your requested dates, but we cannot guarantee specific dates due to many factors outside our control such as unavailability of materials or sub-contractors. We will not agree to supply where time is of the essence. Where materials are out of stock we will keep you informed and let you know what options are available (e.g wait, re-select, cancellation).

We are dependent on third party couriers such as UPS, Parcelforce, DHL etc. Normally our deliveries are tracked and will require a signature on receipt. For that reason you might prefer to take delivery at your place of work. Delivery directly to your curtain maker or upholsterer is often the best solution. You are responsible for ensuring that someone will sign for packages and check for damage or missing items when they are delivered; if you have specific delivery arrangements you should advise us when ordering.

Faulty, damaged or incorrect goods

We will only accept returns for Goods which are defective or which we have incorrectly supplied as a result of our error.

It is your responsibility to check the goods immediately on arrival. If you are arranging delivery to a third party (e.g. your curtain maker or furniture maker) you need to make sure that they check the goods on arrival. Any damage, omissions, errors need to be reported to us within 3 working days of delivery. Please supply as much detail as possible including photographs.

At our discretion we will either repair or replace or refund faulty Goods. Our liability will not exceed the purchase price. Under no circumstances can we accept returned fabric after it has been cut or treated. If you feel you need to return any Goods please contact us first.


Please don’t be put off by these Terms and Conditions since if any problem arises we will try to avoid hiding behind the small print.