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Safe Shopping

You may be spending a lot of money on your home décor so you will no doubt be looking for reassurance that you are shopping safely. The Internet has been a boon to retailers and shoppers but it has also allowed thieves and rogue traders to thrive under a cloak of anonymity. Here are a few questions you should always consider:

Is the business VAT registered?

Even a small retailer will want to be VAT registered and they should display their VAT number on their website and correspondence. If they are not registered or want to hide this fact, ask yourself (or better still, them) why. Our VAT number is GB-870688190 and you can verify this with HMRC.

Does the company only take on-line orders?

Or can you discuss your requirements and order with an experienced and friendly person? Even if you order online we will always contact you to confirm your order and to arrange delivery.

Is the company based in the UK?

Overseas companies including Jersey are not governed by the same laws as the UK – your consumer rights may not be the same and you may be liable to pay import duty. We are UK registered and you can double check this with Companies House. You can use their on-line checker.

Is there a real “bricks and mortar” shop?

If a website fails to list a real address with a landline phone number, to where would return faulty goods? It’s a legal requirement for a legitimate business to list its full particulars on its website. Visit our real shop or use Google Street View to see that our shop really exists.

As of January 1st 2007, new amendments to the Companies Act 2006 dictates businesses must disclose their full company name, registered address and registration number on all company websites, regardless of whether they trade online.

Does the website look professional and up to date?

Anyone can throw up a simple one page website nowadays. A legitimate business will invest time and effort in their website. It will be substantial and up to date.

Hidden pricing?

That on-line quote could work out a lot more than you think if you have to add VAT. Some websites only add tax & carriage after you have registered and are part way through the purchasing process. An initial quote may look competitive until you add 20% for VAT, 2.5 – 5% for a credit card.

Does the company only accept PayPal?

Any bona-fide business will have the facility to process customer orders using a credit card terminal, and they will have been bank verified to get a merchant account. Credit cards also give you consumer protection rights. However, any member of the public can accept money using PayPal. How safe is your money?

Credit and debit cards are accepted at Fabric Gallery and Interiors

Look for these signs.

How long has the company been trading?

Ask the question – we’ve been trading since 2005 and Companies House will verify this. You can use their on-line checker.

Fake businesses are set up all the time to steal customer information (identity theft) so do you really know to whom you are giving your personal and financial information? Choose an established company with a reputation.

Does the website show a contact name and address?

If not whom would you contact if you had a problem?

Are the products genuine? How can you tell?

With our fabrics we ensure that the manufacturer’s cutting label is intact on your roll – your proof of authenticity.

“Seconds” may look genuine at first sight, but common defects include out of specification colour, weaving or print imperfections and out of tolerance pattern repeats – which will make joining 2 pieces almost impossible.

Will I get my fabric in one piece?

If you order online there is no guarantee that you’ll get one piece. Most fabric rolls contain ~30 metres. If you need more than this you must talk to an expert about cuts, batch matching and volume discounts.

Am I looking at an Ebay shop rather than a real shop?

Watch out, these may be “rejects/seconds”

50% Sale?    60% Sale?    70% Sale?

Silly “supposed” mega-discounts just don’t happen except for roll-ends, withdrawn products or seconds.


Let’s be careful out there….