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Request a Fabric or Wallpaper Sample

Request a Fabric or Wallpaper Sample

When it comes to selecting your fabric or wallpaper it is possible to study them online but nothing beats seeing and feeling the material first hand. No computer screen can accurately render fabric colour, sheen or texture. Nor is it a substitute for feeling the warmth of wool or the luxury of velvet.

you should come into our showroom to experience materials for yourself. To help you make sure that a fabric or paper is perfect for your home we can also provide sample cuttings. These you can view under the natural and artificial lighting in your own home. And you can check the colour coordination with the rest of your decor.

We’ll happily supply samples for you. These are delivered by post and usually take several days to arrive.  However, the cost of providing samples has risen considerably recently. Postage rates continue to rise and many manufacturers now charge for the sample cuttings they supply. For that reason, we regrettably can no longer afford to send samples outside the UK.

Despite that we’ll continue to provide samples free of charge because we believe that choosing the right material is so important. We hope you’ll continue to appreciate the service and in return we’d welcome a “Like” on our Facebook page, a tweet through Twitter or a +1 on Google+.

That’s why Naturally, we’d also really appreciate it if you come back to us to order your fabric or wallpaper.

Request your samples.

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When you are selecting a fabric, particularly if you are colour coordinating, we always suggest looking at a fabric sample. We'll happily provide you with up to four samples free of charge. Please fully complete the details below and then allow a few days for samples to arrive in the post. We can only supply samples from the brands listed on our website. Samples from different brands may arrive separately.

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Please make sure that you have supplied accurate information about the fabrics and your postal address so that we can get your samples to you as quickly as possible. When you submit your request you should receive an immediate e-mail acknowledgement.


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