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What is Traditional style?

What is Traditional style?

Traditional design is a refined and richly detailed interior styling. Rich woods dominate, often with ornate beveled wood wall paneling, high quality wood and tiled flooring and architectural embellishments such as arches and columns added grandeur to the room setting.

Where did Traditional style come from?

The Traditional interior design style originates in the European interior and furniture design of the 18th and 19th centuries.

What does the Traditional interior style look like?

Traditional interiors are rich, opulent, and never understated. Furnishings are dominated by floral, vegetable, leitmotif and scenes from legends woven into rich heavy fabrics. Walls are painted in earthy chalk paints to promote the look of the era. Rich woods such as maple and cherry are often used for furniture because of their interesting grain patterns and depth of colour.

Window dressings are strong and structural in design; button pleats and ample pelmets crafted from heavy damask provide a focal point for the room. Although the style is rich on motif in the soft furnishings, a limited palette of one or two key colours and associated hues is used so the room does not become busy with colour.

Traditional style

Which fabrics would go well with the Traditional style?

Traditional interior design styling is very much focused around rich colours and textures. Rich damasks, silks, velvet, cashmere, heavy cottons and linens are all perfect for soft furnishings to make your room ooze opulence.