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Using the Fabric Gallery and Interiors website

We take our customers’ experience very seriously, and want to ensure that people who have disabilities, or whose browsers may have limitations, can browse our website successfully.

However, successful use of this website does depend on the user having reasonable eyesight and full colour vision.

Browsers & Devices

This website was developed and tested with various web browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox). Please note that older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 & 8 are not able to handle the features of our website. Furthermore IE 6, 7, & 8 are no longer supported by Microsoft.

To fully experience the Fabric Gallery and Interiors website at its best please make sure you are using an up to date browser or web app.

Most web browsers will allow you to zoom in the page to increase the size of the text if you require this. (On a PC hold down your Ctrl key and then press the + key in the numeric keypad.) As far as practical we have designed this website to adapt to the small screens on tablet devices and smart phones.

Our website has also been designed with the Apple ipad in mind since many of our customers use that device nowadays.  The ipad comes with various Accessibility Features including “Reader View”.

We have designed this website as carefully as possible to work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. It is impossible to test it on every possible device. If you experience a problem related to your browser or device please  let us know so we can improve our service.

On a tablet devices and smart phones you can always rotate the device to find the orientation that gives the best view of the screen; try both to see which gives the best layout for you.


In our business colour is so important that it cannot be left to chance. Unfortunately few screens on computer, tablets or smart phones are designed for true colour rendition. That means if you want an accurate colour experience you should view the material “in the flesh” and not on a screen.

We are also conscious that some people have limited spectrum visibility (e.g colour-blindness) and we try to accommodate this as far as possible in the design process for our website.

Assistive Technology

As our business is highly visual much of what we can do is limited if assistive technology such as text-to-speech is employed. However we aim to provide captions or alternative text descriptions for images where possible.

If you do have any problems whilst browsing this site, we would really appreciate your feedback via our contact form. That way we can improve our website experience in future.