Beat Brexit Inflation Woes.

How to Beat Post-Brexit Price Rises

Since June 23rd we’ve all witnessed the devaluation of the £ against the Euro and the US dollar. And there have been many pundits warning about imminent inflation affecting UK imports.

Unfortunately, nearly all our fabrics will be affected. Silk and cotton for example are made abroad and most fabric mills are in countries like Italy, Belgium, Spain, India, China etc. Even synthetic fibres are affected because they depend on petroleum and oil is priced in US dollars.

The good news is that we have a few weeks left of pre-Brexit prices. This is because fabric price lists are normally updated on January 1st by most brands. We are still working with Jan 2016 prices but not for long.


We’ve had early sight of some 2017 prices and they are increasing by 10% or more! Some price rises could be much more, since the dollar is now 22% more expensive than this time last year.

Last chance to get 2016 pricing?

As long as you order your fabric before the Christmas shutdown (22nd December) we guarantee you’ll be protected. Even if your fabric is delivered in 2017 you’ll still only pay 2016 prices.

Right now our prices are unbeatable and unrepeatable. Please don’t miss out.

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