Everything you need to know about Casamance

Casamance launched its first furnishing fabrics collection in 2000 bringing real vision in today’s interior design universe. The contemporary fabric and wallpaper designs, exquisite colours and variety of materials create an easily recognised French signature style. That’s why we are pleased to include this distinctive brand among the collections available from Fabric Gallery and Interiors.

Casamance takes its inspiration from the love of beauty.  Hence it focuses on the modernity of exclusive designs enhanced by colours, and an elaborate exercise in subtlety. Classic designs are renewed to attain the height of design. And the brand creates unexpected affinities, endlessly reinventing sophistication.

Casamance Orphee collection available from Fabric Gallery & Interiors

Casamance in the 21st Century

Swathed in restraint and delicacy befitting of the great French brands of interior decoration, Casamance prints its designs with a beauty that crosses fashion and the ages. The brand elevates contemporary interiors and adds warmth to the most authentic atmospheres. By moving away from repetitive, imitative trends, it accepts the challenge to reinvent tomorrow’s classics. Casamance is truly a brand of the 21st Century.

Casamance Flores collection available from Fabric Gallery & Interiors

We source fabrics and wallpapers directly from Casamance warehouses in France. But we can deliver directly to your home or workplace.

What’s new at Casamance?

You’ll be amazed by the range of designs currently available and and in particular the breadth of new collections recently launched. You can take a browse through their online catalogue and then request a quote from  us. This season you will see several new collections which interpret the special bonds between Man and Nature and the nocturnal ebullience of the City of Light:

  • You are invited to step into the Florès collection just as you step into nature. Look into the distance and respond to the call of adventure as if you are in a lush jungle. The landscapes become fabrics, with the contrast between raw and exquisite materials, matte and glossy, the elegant silhouette of a feline or world of plants. A collection that mirrors the island of Florès: wild and refined, as beautiful as an uncut diamond.
  • Orphee wallpaper brings wonderful drawings to life allowing the magic of the plant and animals kingdoms to emerge. Subtly used over matte inks, metallic flashes highlight the illustrations in the collection, adding depth to the patterns and revealing the sophistication of its contours. A luminous collection, with rich colours, immersing us in the depths of the oceans and the forests. The force of nature is displayed in the harmony of the grain and the patterns.

Where can I buy Casamance fabrics, wallpapers?

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we have stocked Casamance fabrics since we opened our York showroom in 2007. Because Casamance never disappoints and continues to exude a modern distinctive quality. We have a great selection of swatch books on display in our showroom. And our expert team can guide you through the collections. That way you can pick the best fabric for your upholstery or soft furnishings. If you’d like to see Casamance fabrics and wallpapers please do come and visit us. If you cannot visit us please phone us on 01904 481101. Or if you already know which fabric you want we can give you a free Quick Quote.

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