Everything you need to know about Kirkby Design

Kirkby Design is a modern fabric library, compiled of collections with a sharp, contemporary feel coloured with a well-balanced, sophisticated palette. We are pleased to include fabrics by Kirkby Design among the collections available from Fabric Gallery and Interiors.

Part of The Romo Group, Kirkby Design was launched in September 2009, as a modern, high-performance fabric resource library, compiled of collections with a sharp, contemporary feel coloured with a well balanced, sophisticated palette.

With a fresh modern approach to upholstery fabrics, Kirkby Design fulfils a requirement for a reliable, affordable and practical fabric resource which provides the essential basics for interior designers, retailers, furniture manufacturers and upholsterers to use in both residential and contract specifications.

A defining characteristic of Kirkby Design is the unique colour palette, which is made up of an extensive range of practical neutrals such as, Porcini, Bark, Jute and Twine, interspersed with fashionable shades including Orange, Eden, Magenta and Cobalt.

Meticulous care and attention has also been given to specific fabric treatments to ensure many of the fabrics meet Crib 5 contract standard, and to specialist finishing techniques to improve the handle on severe domestic and contract fabrics, ensuring the high durability does not compromise on the natural look and feel of the collections.

Smooth III Collection by Kirkby Design available from Fabric Gallery and Interiors

Where can I buy Kirkby Design fabrics?

At Fabric Gallery & Interiors we have stocked Kirkby Design fabrics since the brand was launched. Kirkby Design never disappoints and continues to exude a sophisticated modern feel. We supply all the Kirkby Design products and our expert team can guide you through the collections. That way you can pick the best fabric for your upholstery or soft furnishings. If you’d like to know more please do come and visit us. If you cannot visit us please phone us on 01904 481101. Or if you already know which fabric you want we can give you a free Quick Quote.

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