Brexit means great savings on British fabric and wallpaper

Are you in the European Union? Ordering from the UK just got better. Since the British people voted to leave the EU the value of the £ has crashed. This leaves us here in the UK in turmoil, but if you are in Europe you can save money. Today anything you purchase from the UK is over 10% cheaper than last week. All the more reason to talk to us about the best in British fabrics and wallpapers.

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On June 23rd 2016 the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. That probably means 2 years of economic turmoil. So far we have seen a big impact on stock-markets and currency exchange rates. However here at Fabric Gallery and Interiors we are focused on our customers and we want to help you get the best products for your home.

If you are in the EU please note:

  1. we have not yet left! That means you can order directly from the UK with out any problems. Everything remains the same as it did before June 23rd. Tax is unchanged. Legislation remains the same. You can order with total confidence.
  2. keep a close eye on currency exchange rates when you order; these could be volatile and may change rapidly.
  3. remember that we charge British VAT/IVA which is 20%; this may be less than you would pay at home (e.g 25% in Sweden; 23% in Ireland) saving you even more money.
  4. that couriers like UPS/DHL/FedEx etc are fast and not expensive

The best news is that you right now you can save money because of the weakness of  the ££.

British Fabric and Wallpaper

So if you are looking for traditional or contemporary British designs then we can certainly help you.  Whether you are recreating a home from home in Europe or perhaps an English or Scottish styled guest house or club room then we’d be pleased to assist.

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