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Europe – buying from the UK

Right now you can take advantage of our great selection of fabrics and wallpapers at the best prices ever if you live in Europe. One of the advantages of the EU is the fact that it is very simple for you to order from us here in the UK and it is easy for us to ship items to you.

Sadly that may change in 2019 but right now why not take advantage of an unbeatable situation.

Three reason  to buy now

  1. the exchange rate between the pound and the Euro has fallen by 15% since our Brexit referendum in 2016 – that means if you use Euros as your regular currency, goods from the UK are now 15% cheaper.
  2. the UK VAT* rate is 20% which is lower than many other countries in Europe (up to 25% in Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Croatia)
  3. after 29th March 2019 the door might close completely or we might have to apply export tariffs.

Buying is easy

Many people are naturally wary about purchasing from a foreign country, even another country within the EU. Fortunately it is simple and safe. And you will be dealing with a reputable supplier.

You can get price quotes using our Quick Quote system and you will see how attractive our prices can be. You can pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card and there should be no hidden charges or unwanted tariffs.

And shipping fabric or wallpaper is also routine since we use professional carriers like UPS, Parcelforce Worldwide and DPD. Everything we send is guaranteed and if there is any problem we sort it out just as if we were delivering within the UK.  Shipping by courier for a typical order is £20-£25 but we provide full details in each quote.

All you need to do is decide what fabric or wallpaper you want to use to transform your home.

Then ask us for a quote. We look forward to helping you.


* VAT = IVA, TVA, MwSt., USt., BTW, Merverdiavgift

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