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Did you know that Facebook rations what you can see?

Facebook says that the average user will read about 10 percent of all the stories that are presented to them. While Facebook curates 2,000 stories daily for an average user, unless you’re spending every waking moment reading through the News Feed, most of the time you’ll read about 200 stories.

In recent years Facebook has been trying to manage the flow of posts into your News Feed in order to match posts to your interests and to make your experience of Facebook better. That sounds laudable but that means many posts NEVER reach you.

For example if you follow businesses or brands on Facebook, fewer than 10%* of their posts will ever find their way into your News Feed. Sadly most Facebook users don’t even realise that Facebook is effectively censoring what they see.

Facebook says they are doing this so that you have a better experience and that your News Feed isn’t overloaded. But they also have an ulterior motive. Money.

You may want to follow a big brand like Adidas or just a local business like Fabric Gallery & Interiors, but Facebook wants these businesses to pay per view so that you can see what you always thought you were going to see. And if businesses don’t pay then you may miss out on some important posts.

When Facebook was younger there was no such limitation, but over the years Facebook has increasingly squeezed down on page owners forcing them to pay to boost posts or to pay for advertising.

One simple trick means you won’t miss out!

Facebook has finally made some steps in the right direction to help fix this problem, it just requires a couple clicks of your mouse to make it work!

Facebook has introduced a new sorting option called ‘See First’ – it allows you to tell Facebook that YOU WANT to see a particular page/brand/artist/etc. in your News Feed before Facebook’s sorting algorithm buries it for you.

To make this change – go to Fabric Gallery and Interiors Facebook Page (or any page you Liked or Followed and aren’t getting updates from) and hover/click the button that says ‘Following’. Now, click the option that says ‘See First’ – that’s it! Simples!

Using "See First" on Facebook


So if you are following lots of Facebook pages but want to see posts from us without missing anything important this will fix it for you.

A word of caution though. You can select up to 30 pages to “See First”. But don’t do this for pages that generate 100s of posts each day – unless you really, really want to see all of them flood your News Feed! We will NEVER saturate your News Feed.

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Not many people realise that Facebook is rationing what they see, nor that that there is a simple trick to fix this. Please tell your friends and feel free to point them to this page for help.