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When it comes to curtains, you generally have three possible routes to follow...

  • Buy ready-made curtains and hang them yourself
  • Buy fabric and make your own curtains and hang them yourself
  • Order professionally made curtains in the fabric and style of your choice

We outline each method in more detail below:

Benefits of ready-made curtains:

  • They are convenient
  • They are cheap

Issues with ready-made curtains:

  • They come in limited sizes, fabrics and styles
  • They are machine-made to keep costs down, meaning they do not have hand-made quality
  • They are folded into packaging, often resulting in creases

We do not stock ready-made curtains, however, we do supply an extensive range of fabrics and are always happy to help customers making their own curtains with fabric selection, sourcing and supply.

Benefits of making your own curtains:

  • It offers satisfaction for the maker
  • You have more choice over fabric

Benefits of professionally made curtains:

  • You have full choice over fabric
  • You get expert quality handwork

Our curtain making service.

We are able to make curtains to your unique requirements. All our curtain makers are experienced and produce items of the highest quality. They work in well-equipped workshops with all the tools and equipment needed to produce perfect curtains.

Once the curtains are finished you can collect them from us or we can deliver them to you anywhere in the UK mainland and even overseas. All our curtains are carefully packaged to minimise creasing in transit and we use express couriers to transport them as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, in Yorkshire we can fit your curtains for you, together with your poles or tracks and most importantly we always dress your curtains to ensure that they hang beautifully. This is not a quick process but it ensures that your curtains will look their best. We can handle complicated and large curtains with our two-man fitting teams.

If you want the best possible outcome you won’t regret getting our professional curtain service.