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What is Bohemian style?

This interior styling is based on the lifestyle choices of the Bohemians, a set of people who lived unconventional, often artistic lifestyles and were originally travellers or refugees from Central Europe.

The style has a distinctive look but will be different and unique to the personality of the individual putting the room together. There are no rules about colour or furniture per se, but there are common threads that make this style identifiable.

Where did Bohemian style come from?

The bohemian design style originated in Central Europe in the late 1800’s.

What does the bohemian interior style look like?

Mixed patterns and rich colours go together to make bold statements, and rich textures combine with a luxuriant colour palette and an abundance of soft furnishings to make this style so identifiable.

Canopies and swathes of draping fabric create drama to seating areas or around beds. The walls are painted in bright colours and are often multi tonal. Fabric designs are often geometric in design or large patterns on an array of bright jewel-coloured backgrounds.

Furniture is lavishly upholstered in heavy textural fabrics such as faux fur and velvets and are complemented with plenty of scatter cushions and floor cushions. Plants are used to introduce interesting structure to the scheme and as a contrast to the patterns used in fabrics and accent rugs.

Which fabrics would go well with the bohemian style?

Plentiful floaty fabrics such as voile, muslin and other translucent cottons work well for canopies, curtains and blinds. Heavy velvets, silks, cottons, fabrics with a pile or tactile quality and linens are used for soft furnishings and upholstery.