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What is Industrial style?

Industrial style is all about aspects of design being stripped bare.

Exposed elements of the construction of the building are integral to the success of this design: bare brickwork, concrete, exposed pipes and cables are integral to the look and feel of the design.

This design scheme celebrates the utilitarian aspects of engineering as the construction elements of the room or building are exposed and stripped bare. The colour scheme is dominated by neutral tones such as creams, browns, greys and blacks, bare wood and untreated or painted metal.

Where did Industrial style come from?

Industrial design emerged after the industrial revolution and became a strong design choice in American culture with the regeneration of New York lofts being converted for habitation when industries once housed in the buildings had long since moved out.

The design also organically became popular across Europe as manufacturing industries diminished or relocated to new, purpose built facilities leaving large empty spaces free for new spacious living spaces.

What does the Industrial interior style look like?

Comfort, ergonomics and exposed simple construction materials dominate the industrial design detail. Walls can be either exposed brickwork if practicable, or painted white. Metal is usually left untreated or painted in dark industrial colours.

Furniture is produced from wood and metal and fully exposes the framework and manufacture process: welds are left exposed, bolts and fixings are not covered as the visible construction techniques are all part of the overall look. Sofas and chairs are upholstered in leather or plain heavy fabrics with the addition of heavy wool throws to complement the look.

Window dressings are kept plain and simple, dark coloured plain curtains and blinds in heavy fabrics or blinds that are available in a choice of metal or metal look finishes are popular choices. Floors work best if they are left exposed but for comfort and warmth look good with simple jute flooring or accent rugs.


Which fabrics would go well with the Industrial style?

Fabrics that work well with this design are thick heavy fabrics, linens, heavy cotton and wool.