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What is Minimalist style?

Minimalist styling is a reductive version of modernism. The style is devoid of all visual distraction created by pattern, abundance of colour or fullness of soft furnishings.

The designs are based around the use of geometric shapes with surfaces being comprised of predominantly squares, rectangles and circles and are ‘uncluttered’.

This style has no space for ornate decoration or an abundance of chintz: it is all about purity and simplicity.

Where did Minimalist style come from?

Minimalism began in the post-World War II era and is most strongly linked to the influences of the American visual artists in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

What does the Minimalist interior style look like?

Minimalism exudes simplicity in all facets of its design.

Furniture, carpets and window dressings all conform to the uniformity of simplistic shaping. Ornamental decoration is understated, surfaces are kept clear of personal touches with only functional items visible. Dark or bright colours are used but not from a wide palette.

The room will usually feature one main muted colour with the addition of one or two accent colours being introduced. A simple geometrically shaped rug is a particularly good way to introduce an accent colour. Cushions in uniform colour and shape inject comfort and visual interest without compromising the strict simplicity of design. Walls are painted in the main scheme colour.

Blinds and plain curtains in the main colour complement the rest of the room design to bring the room together in harmony with no distractions from clashing colours or textures.


Furniture is lavishly upholstered in heavy textural fabrics such as faux fur and velvets and are complemented with plenty of scatter cushions and floor cushions. Plants are used to introduce interesting structure to the scheme and as a contrast to the patterns used in fabrics and accent rugs.

Which fabrics would go well with the Minimalist style?

Wool, linens and heavy cottons go particularly well with minimalist design as they are available in a wide range of colours and shades to create the perfect look. The plain texture of these fabrics will not detract from the sleek lines of the furniture.