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What is Modern style?

‘Modern’ interior design style is simplistic, clean lines dominate with a few ornamental flourishes to interrupt even unbroken lines.

The main emphasis of the style is furniture structure and shape, muted soft furnishings and upholstery in leather and suede.

Where did Modern style come from?

Modernism began with the Modern Art movement, it has strong links to the Art Deco movement which grew from the decorative arts of Impressionism and Abstraction. Modern interior design is a simple style originating in Europe.

What does the Modern interior style look like?

Upholstered furniture in simple designs, soft furnishings predominantly in soft neutral muted shades of black, grey and browns.

Furniture is constructed from metal, glass, plastic and wood and is the main focal point in the room. Strong unbroken lines provide structure while basic geometries add interest and character so the room doesn’t look too stark and clinical.

Curtains and window blinds are simple, a single pleat curtain maintains simplicity and blinds work particularly well as they maintain the theme of basic geometric shaping and are available in any colour or fabric to provide continuity with other hues used in the room.


Which fabrics would go well with the Modern style?

Dark voiles work well with this style for window dressings and thick cottons and linens add texture and interest in soft furnishings without dominating the overall effect. Upholstery in suede and leather or faux versions are the most popular choices.