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What is Rural style?

Rural styling is the look of country living. Interiors are bright and full of old world character and charm. The rural interior offers soothing hues, soft patterns and an abundance of soft fabrics to make the room homely and comfortable.

Where did Rural style come from?

The rural style has three main variants to its origins, the overall styles are very similar but the colour palette varies depending on the country of influence.

French styling is dominated by whites and subtle shades of ‘off white’. The Scandinavian variant uses a grey, green and blue palette while the English styling uses beautiful fresh ‘ice cream’ colours. The style began gaining popularity in the 1990’s across Europe.

What does the Rural interior style look like?

The rural interior is bright and airy, spaces look clean and bright with plenty of homely touches. Soft furnishings are used to add colour and interest. Bright ginghams, chintz, plaids and floral fabrics are used to make cushions, cover lampshades and table clothes for informal dining areas, kitchens and family spaces.

Darker variants of the palette are used in more formal rooms. Furniture is usually painted the same or a similar colour to the walls; this design style lends itself well to the repurposing of furniture to capture the comfortable homely essence of rural life. Walls are adorned with framed botanicals while frills, tassels, floaty curtains and co-ordinated linens complete the look.


Which fabrics would go well with the Rural style?

Voile, muslin and light cottons work well for curtains and blinds. Linens and cottons of various weights are chosen for soft furnishings and upholstery. Gingham, plaids, stripes and florals are the most used commonly chosen fabric patterns.