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What is Rustic style?

The rustic style of home interiors harks back to a bygone age of the American homestead. The design focuses on folk art and home crafts. Rustic styling is based on the look of remote properties in woodland areas, particularly hunting lodges.

Where did Rustic style come from?

The rustic style originated in America in the 1800’s and replicates the simplicity of rural living and self-sufficiency.

What does the Rustic interior style look like?

Rustic style utilises natural materials. The structure of the room is rough and crude with furniture and lighting constructed from natural elements.

Furniture is constructed from large pieces of wood, often the edges retain the bark or the un-planed edges once the bark has been removed. Wooden and metal trunks serve as tables and storage to promote the simplicity of a basic lifestyle of a bygone era. Rich, dark colours dominate this style scheme and is evident from the hard structural elements through to the soft furnishings.

Walls are painted in earthy colours and the colour palette used across the soft furnishings is predominantly muted natural colours. Curtains and soft furnishings are produced from natural fibre heavy fabrics and the room is completed with an abundance of woollen blankets and throws. Decoration is abundant in rustic style rooms, with items being mainly homespun and folk art designs.


Which fabrics would go well with the Rustic style?

The rustic style is rich in the use of fabrics to complete the look, jute and sisal are popular choices for rugs, thick natural fibres such as wool, heavy cottons, hessian and linens are plentiful for upholstery and abundant soft furnishings.