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What is Contemporary style?

Contemporary interior style creates a very distinctive room setting. The design focusses on lines, and how they are used to create a simplistic and functional design which is elegant and comfortable.

Lines are softer with more curves than modern styling, yet shape and form is a distinctive and crucial element of the overall look and feel. Interiors based on this style focus on line, shape and form to provide a rich and varied look.

Creams, browns, white and black are the main colour palette used to achieve an authentic contemporary look.

Where did Contemporary style come from?

Contemporary interior design originates from 1970’s Europe and incorporates a variety of styles from the latter half of the last century.

What does the Contemporary interior style look like?

Contemporary styling is based around a palette of warm colours, with walls usually painted in the same colour hues as the upholstery and floor coverings.

Wood, leather, teak and linen work particularly well with this design. Upholstered furniture looks comfortable yet structured in strong bold shapes. Textured floor coverings and soft furnishings can introduce interest to the scheme but florals and pattern details are to be avoided as they are considered too busy for the contemporary feel.

Windows look best with a vertical blind in a matching colour hue as the rest of the room or straight voile panels if privacy or sun shading is required.


Which fabrics would go well with the Contemporary style?

Velvets, plush fabrics, thick linens and woollen fabrics work particularly well in contemporary design schemes.