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Here are some pieces of advice we’ve picked up over the years that may help you when choosing curtains

  • If you are buying or making curtains for patio or French doors you will need to consider ease of access without damaging or dirtying the fabric each time you use them.
  • Curtains designed for windows that are rarely opened may offer you choices that are far more lavish.
  • Think about whether you want the curtains to rest on the sill, under the sill or collect in a big pool of opulent fabric on the floor. This will affect the length of the fabric to be used.
  • Consider whether the window is in a formal or informal room. While curtains are often used to make a real statement, highlight a feature window or frame a view, the design and style needs to be carefully chosen to ensure they are right for the room.
  • There are many different types of headings and pleat styles available to suit every room setting perfectly. Some create a feeling of cosiness and intimacy, others serve purely as an everyday functional choice and some inject grandeur and formality into your room setting. Here are some of the most practical and popular curtain headings.
  • The existing scheme of the room may naturally suggest a colour for the curtains to complement your room scheme or maybe you are looking to use contrasting colours to make a bold statement.
  • Patterns and textures add a further facet to the design process adding charm to draw your interior design ideas together.
  • The size of pattern or texture you choose is important. Small detail can be lost if the curtains are too large for the design, conversely, a room scheme could quickly become chaotic if the pattern and texture repeats are too large for the size of the curtain.
  • Heavier fabrics are better suited to curtains that provide privacy and insulation.
  • The weight of fabric needs to be suitable for the style of curtain you want, this will also affect the heading style or pleats that you choose. Thick embroidered fabrics will be better suited for Goblet pleats whereas lighter fabrics are better suited for cottage pleats