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10 Reasons to Choose Wool

Wool is one of the oldest materials used by man and the fact that it is still popular today attests to its amazing properties. Whether you are considering it for clothing or for furniture it brings real benefits to your lifestyle. Sometimes wool is promoted for clothing and even recently for household insulation, but one must not forget that woollen fabric looks great as curtains, and in soft furnishings and upholstery.

Abraham Moon Legacy Lifestyle Heather 100% wool fabric upholstered on sofa, chair and footstool - available from Fabric Gallery and Interiors in Dunnington, York

Here are 10 facts about wool that you might not realise…

  1. It is 100% natural; we all know where wool comes from – don’t we?
  2. It is a totally sustainable resource; new wool grows each year!
  3. It is totally reusable or recyclable. It is completely biodegradable.
  4. It is environmentally and animal friendly. Woollen fabrics use less energy in their production cycle than other fabrics, and because it is a natural product it does not rely on petrochemicals (unlike many synthetic fibres).
  5. Wool is fire resistant and makes fabrics that don’t need chemical treatment to meet fire safety regulations.
  6. Woollen fabrics efficiently trap air between the fibres, giving them body and warmth in winter. Conversely the good insulation means they feel cool in summer.
  7. Woollen fabrics are naturally resistant to mildew and mould because of the way the fibres repels moisture, and lets moisture pass through without holding the moisture. Mildews and moulds require moisture to live and grow.
  8. It is wrinkle resistant. Wool is the most resilient fabric because each individual fibre has a natural spring-like crimp that helps it keep its shape.  Fibres can be stretched and still bounce back to their original shape.
  9. Wool is durable and hardwearing. Unlike fashion clothing, furniture is expected to last many years and when it is upholstered in woollen fabric you will get many years of service, style and comfort.
  10. Woollen fabrics come in many natural colours but can be easily dyed in up to 500 different long-lasting colours.

We are always pleased to recommend wool, especially for upholstery. We also source most of ours from traditional mills not far from us here in Yorkshire.

Come in to our Dunnington Showroom to see a wide range of traditional and contemporary wool collections. We’d be pleased to help you find the right fabric for your home.