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Your Personal Appointment

Fabric Gallery and Interiors now provides In-Showroom consultations where we will work with you to create a unique new look in both your style and budget, taking out the guesswork of interior design.


How it works

You’ll work collaboratively with our designer with a one-on-one consultation. This can be face-to-face at our York showroom. We will always work with you to  create a breathtaking cohesive design that matches your style and budget.

design consultation at Fabric Gallery and Interiors

Face-to-face with your Designer

If you’d like to discuss your requirements and discover your options with our Chief Designer please book an appointment. This will give both of you an uninterrupted opportunity to meet in our showroom conveniently located just outside York. You’ll have hands-on access to the best selection of fabrics, wallpapers, paint and accessories in Yorkshire in a comfortable and well-lit setting.

Whether you are looking for one set of curtains or a whole house makeover we’d be pleased to help you.

To make the best use of this opportunity please bring as much information with you e.g photographs, room plans, pictures from magazines that inspire you, swatches you may have collected and so on. Oh, and bring your partner if that will help!

We will help you realise your dream and perhaps even find a design that you didn’t know that you wanted!

Make your appointment

A face-to-face appointment is great if you are in the York area and can visit us. If you have a busy work or travel schedule we can make evening and weekend appointments if that is more convenient. But we also have the latest Zoom technology which means we can offer you a consultation where ever you are in the world.

Simply call us on 01904 481101 to book your appointment.