British Style for your home in the sun – our expat service

Are you looking for beautiful designer fabrics, curtains, wallpaper and soft furnishings for your holiday, retirement or expat home? But are having difficulty locating what you want for your home? Or do you find local options expensive and is the language barrier holding you back?

Our skilled team of designers can help you achieve the stylish interior for your home that you’ve always wanted. We do everything you might expect from a fabric and interiors shop, but in addition we are pleased to offer a special service for British expats on the Continent.

Value for money

You’ll find that shopping for home decor in the UK is much cheaper than on the Continent. Particularly for famous British brands like Sanderson, Designers Guild, Abraham Moon etc. You can really take advantage of the £:Euro exchange rate. And you’ll find that UK VAT is less than in Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, Italy, Portugal and many other places. If you have a European registered business we can also ship to you without charging UK VAT!

Buying British

Many brands that are available in the UK are just not easily available overseas. Or if they are, they are poorly promoted and expensive. So if you are seeking familiarity or exclusivity and an affordable solution you should consider importing directly from the UK. We regularly help customers in Europe and we can help you.

Sharing our Showroom

Our showroom might be in York but you might be thousands of miles away. That’s no problem nowadays with modern technology and our exciting new “Share Our Showroom” service.

Share our Showroom from abroad at Fabric Gallery & Interiors


We regularly deliver to customers in Europe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that courier delivery is not expensive and it is also fast and reliable. For large projects it’s often worth making a dedicated trip back to the UK in order to make biggest possible savings and to get face to face advice. Some of our clients hire a van and fill it with everything they need for their home – everything including the kitchen sink!  You won’t have problems with import duty or tariffs since we are still in the EU (in contrast to the Channel Islands or Gibraltar) .

English spoken here

Have you tried explaining the subtleties of your favourite fabric or colour in the local language? Byphone or by e-mail? Unlike ordering a meal in a restaurant, it’s not a subject we learnt at school nor will it be covered by phrase books, so speak to us to avoid expensive mis-understandings. Unless you are fluent in the local language you’ll find it safer and less stressful dealing with us.

Quality guarantee

Everything we supply is of the highest quality with no seconds, end-of-lines or counterfeit products. If you are looking for the most stylish brands then look no further than Fabric Gallery & Interiors where we guarantee your quality.

Peace of mind

We have extensive experience working with British clients who are moving to the Continent or who have second homes abroad. Our team will work closely with you and can meet tight timescales. We can deliver to your UK residence, or export direct to your overseas home so that transforming your overseas property into a stylish and desirable home has never been so straight forward.

Visiting us

You’ll find that York is one of the most accessible cities in the UK with direct rail links from London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester in around 2 hours. Airports at Manchester, Robin Hood/Doncaster, Humberside, Newcastle and Leeds/Bradford airports are all within easy reach and have low-cost scheduled flights from across Europe. The ports of Hull and Newcastle are both within a two-hour drive.

Recently customers have travelled to us from as far away as the Algarve, Switzerland, Holland, Moscow, and Ireland! Speak to us to find out why. Next time you are back in the UK come to our York showroom or alternatively give us a call for friendly expert help. To make best use of your time in the UK feel free to call us on +44-1904-481101 to arrange an appointment.

Please browse the rest of our website to find out more about us, what we do and what our customers are saying about us.

We look forward to helping you make the most of your home.