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Interior Design in York

Do you want to completely transform your home? But don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are too busy? You’ll find creative inspiration and affordable solutions with our Yorkshire-based design team.

Here at Fabric Gallery and Interiors we are always happy to supply materials such as fabric, wallpaper, paint and furniture that you have chosen for your home. And we are equally at home making and fitting curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for you. However we get an extra “buzz” when it comes to interior design because it gives us a chance to work closely with you, realising your dream and releasing a vision for your home or business.

Do I need an Interior Designer?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions then you probably need help from our Interior Design team.

  1. Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the number of interior design choices available?
  2. Have you been planning to revamp a room, and considering it, but not actually doing anything, for 6 months or more?
  3. Do you spend each weekend shopping for things to enhance your room (e.g. pictures, cushions, lamps, etc.) yet you can’t see the vision at the end of the road?
  4. Are you a busy person who is confident enough to delegate “a blank canvas” to a professional  designer?
  5. Do you and your partner have opposing ideas on how your home should look?

If you answer “yes”, then we can help. If you are still uncertain, see these tips from our Chief Designer.

Converion of an historic cruck framed barn in North York Moors into luxury holiday accomodation - master bedroom - copyright Fabric Gallery & Interiors

What is Interior Design?

The profession of Interior Design is relatively new, constantly evolving, and often has many definitions. In recent years Interior Design has had massive exposure as result of a seemingly endless stream of TV programmes dedicated to home make overs, backed up by a range of monthly glossy magazines dedicated to the same topic.

This has been a double edged sword. On one hand it has raised people’s expectations and aspirations for their homes. But on the other, it has convinced many people that they can design their own homes or those of their friends.

interior design;

 the design and coordination of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office, or other structural space, including colour schemes, fittings, furnishings, and sometimes architectural features.

the art, business, or profession of executing this.

Interior design transcends the mere acquisition of furnishings for a room. At one extreme it needs to cover the practicality of implementation and project management. Yet simultaneously it also needs to create and realise a vision for the space and environment.

Light and airy kitchen with breakfast bar updating a 40 year old construction - before and after photo - copyright Fabric Gallery & Interiors

How do our Interior Designers work?

We are very flexible and build any design project around your goals, your timescales and your budget. We can project manage and we can bring in skilled trades people as needed. Our initial discussions to scope out the project are free of charge and we always build a quote to fit with your budget – there will be no financial surprises.

Modernised guest bedroom - before and after images - copyright Fabric Gallery & Interiors

Who to choose?

If you’ve got an interior design project in mind, we’d love to be involved and to help you achieve your dreams. We’ve been creating beautiful interiors since 2007.  Although our showroom in near York we work clients across Yorkshire and beyond.

For more information please phone us on 01904 481101 or contact us to arrange an appointment to meet Bronia Suszczenia, our Chief Designer.