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Have you got a sad and worn out piece of furniture? Perhaps once upon a time it took pride of place in your home. Have years of usage, pets and children taken their toll? Fortunately there is a solution at hand. Reupholstery or new loose covers can breathe new life into almost any sofa, chair or footstool. Our professional service will amaze you.

What is reupholstery?

Reupholstery is the process of taking a worn out item of furniture and recovering it in new materials. Often internal repairs (e.g tightening joints)  or replacing padding will be needed to restore the comfort of the chair or sofa. Re-upholstery may also involve replacing one type of covering with another (e.g. replacing leather with fabric)

Chairs, sofas, footstools, seat cushions and even headboards can be reupholstered. We can also work on commercial projects such as restaurant and pub seating, particularly if you are looking for a style beyond a typical corporate appearance.

Reupholstery includes the use of loose covers as well as fixed upholstery.

Reupholstery breathes new life into furniture and furnishes at Fabric Gallery & Interiors

How much does it cost to re-upholster?

Re-upholstery is not cheap because a highly skilled upholsterer is working by hand on your furniture. And they will give it a finish even better than when it first left the factory. Factory made furniture can be cheaper than re-upholstery if it is mass-produced in a factory somewhere overseas using unimaginative fabrics. But it will lack the individuality of a personal reupholstery service.

The cost for re-upholstery is made of two parts; the cost of the service and the price of new covering fabric. The former would be estimated by our upholsterer and the latter would be calculated based on the amount of fabric needed and its price. Together they would be the basis of our quote. For example a chair might  need 6 metres of fabric and if you chose a fabric at £45/m the fabric would total £270. To this you might add £250 for the reupholstering. Sofas may need 12-16m of fabric depending on their size. In contrast occasional chairs can range from 4-8m. We quote prices individually on all jobs so you’ll not get any surprises.

Why should I re-upholster my chair/sofa?

There are 7 reasons you’ll want to re-upholster your existing sofa or chair:

  • firstly you already know that you like the feel, and that it must be comfortable otherwise you’d never have worn it out over the years,
  • it might be an antique or a “one-off” item,
  • you know it is going to fit the space in the room
  • you could save money, especially if you already have an expensive luxury item of furniture with an “everlasting” frame
  • you’ll have a much wider choice of fabrics than any furniture store; we have over 10000 for you to choose from
  • re-upholstery can transform a factory item into your bespoke furniture.
  • finally you are helping the environment by reusing your furniture rather than throwing it away into landfill – an important step towards sustainability

Transformation completed!

Here is just one example of the art of re-upholstery.

Worn out two seat sofa waiting to be reupholstered by Fabric Gallery & Interiors After: worn out sofa completely re-upholstered in tartan check fabric looking like new again. Reupholstery by Fabric Gallery & Interiors

It’s hard to believe these two photos are of the same sofa a few weeks apart.

How do I get my furniture reupholstered?

Here at Fabric Gallery and Interiors we are pleased to offer an excellent re-upholstery service. Our upholsterer has over 25 years experience and is fully LTT leather trained.

We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible:

  1. make an appointment at our design studio to select new fabric for your furniture. Also you’ll get personal advice. (Ideally bring a photo & dimensions with you.)
  2. tell us about the furniture and email us a photo. That way our upholsterer can estimate the work involved.
  3. we’ll give you a FREE no-obligation quote.

When you decide to go ahead we’ll make all the arrangements with you.  Of course we’ll provide the fabric of your choice for our upholsterer to work with. We’ll take care of any fire regulations and can arrange collection and delivery of larger items.

Our service is personal and usually limited to the area around York because of the logistics of moving large items of furniture over greater distance.

The first thing to do is to call us to make an apppointment at our Design Studio. If you need help choosing fabric or coordinating it with the rest of your decor we can help you. You’ll be astonished how reupholstered furniture can transform your home.